Intimate Massage London - The Intimate Masseuse



“An aura of sensual magic instantly transforms the room as she appears, but the greatest revelation is on its way to reward your thrilled anticipation with a transcendent vision of your most cherished longing, personified in the sovereign perfection of her naked grace that a sheer veil accents without concealing as she moves with exquisite poise… Time stops under her spell.”





The Irresistible Ideal


Displaying the rare harmony of statuesque beauty and innate sensuality, each Masseuse has been chosen with the utmost care among a multitude of exceptional candidates for her uniquely vivid characteristics of sensuous liveliness, personal magnetism and radiant joie de vivre animating her breathtaking physique, to follow a protracted training process specially designed to reinforce her innate gifts and to teach her the sum of sophisticated knowledge required to bring about your magnificent sensory indulgence.


She exemplifies in equal measure the complementary opposites of demure elegance and luxuriant liberation, an accomplished creature of sublime seduction, revelling in her adroit and devoted service to your pleasure.


Meet the Magic…


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