Intimate Massage London - The Code (of Conduct)

Intimate Massage London are proud to provide the world’s finest relaxation massage experience to our very exclusive Clientele, from awe-inspiring massage creations to outstanding masseuses. In order to ensure your fullest benefit from the perfect experience, we politely ask you to respect the following Code during your Massage:



1. Each Intimate Massage is a distinctive sensual experience for your passive enjoyment. Let the masseuse do her work, lie back and RECEIVE.


2. Respect the masseuse personal boundaries– no fondling or groping at any time.


3. Our Masseuses are uniquely skilled professionals. They are NOT ESCORTS, nor can they be asked to perform sexual services. We ask EVERY CLIENT to respect their professional status and refrain from soliciting or requesting extra services (NO INTERCOURSE OR SEXUAL RELATIONS OF ANY SORT). To leave no doubt on the matter, our Masseuses are EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN TO CARRY OUT OR ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR SEXUAL SERVICES DURING CLIENT ENGAGEMENT.


4. Every Massage is an intimate experience. Therefore, please be mindful of personal and intimate hygiene, washing thoroughly and wholly before the masseuse arrival. Suitable hygiene means the optimal massage, enabling the masseuse to engage more fully for your uncompromised satisfaction.



Intimate Massage London uphold a strict policy on matters of Client misconduct. We request ALL CLIENTS, existing and new, to be fully aware of the importance of maintaining a PERFECT RECORD FOR BEHAVIOUR AND HYGIENE to benefit from unrestricted access to our services, as many advanced massages are only available by invitation to select Clients with a perfect record.


Intimate Massage London ask that EVERY CLIENT without exception, adhere to and respect the boundaries set forth under Terms. Any activity breaching these Terms will cause an instant and irrevocable termination of services.






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