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Intimate Massage London - Tantra Bliss  








Strictly By Special Invitation


An irresistible invitation for the committed pleasure-seeker with a mystical penchant.


A ritual initiation into the realm of spiritual enlightenment experienced through sensual rapture, Tantra Bliss brings to life the mystical quest for enlightenment, with your exquisitely naked Masseuse serving as the dakini, or enchanted guide, as you approach the discovery of the divine force of kundalini, uniting man’s sensual and spiritual nature in a vision of transcendent freedom.


An experience of exuberant variety, far from the mere physical focus of an ordinary tantric massage, Tantra Bliss penetrates the mysteries of ancient wisdom, surprising you with infinite revelations of amazing personal import. Repeating the sacred sequences of ritual veneration and meditative discipline to attain the deepest energy flow between Man and Woman, Pure Tantra rouses the sleeping chakras to embrace an endless treasury of heaven-sent delights.


…Transcendent Peace


Tantra Bliss is uniquely available by personal invitation to Clients with a perfect behaviour and hygiene record and the experience of at least five Intimate Massages in the preceding three months.






We use an exclusive hypoallergenic, unscented, non-staining massage oil formula, with smokeless candles and incense.


Please consult The TermsThe Code (of Conduct) and FAQ for your perfect experience.





Prices are exclusive of transport; bookings in Central London may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote.


Please note all bookings outside of business hours (1PM – 2AM) incur a 40% surcharge.


Intimate Massage London reserve the right to change any advertised price without prior notice at all times.




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